Petit détail Black Trio Set l Made in France Laces l Petit-dé – Petit-dé

Black Trio set

  • €24,50

Ideal gift for any chic man who likes discreet colour reminders.

These accessories bring a touch of originality and elegance to one's outfit.

The organic cotton pouch in which this set is delivered is perfect for storing cufflinks.

The costs of preparation and shipping in Europe and Switzerland are offered for the purchase of this set.


2 pairs of laces, Black & Yellow and Black & Blue, Swiss design, Made in France, in waxed cotton:

Length of 75cm; ideal for shoes with 4 to 5 eyelets

1 pair of Yellow & Blue silk cufflinks:

Length of 14mm


We advise you to remove your laces when waxing your shoes so that they are not covered with polish.

We recommend washing them in a cold cycle, protected in a laundry bag so that they do not "disappear" inside the drum of your machine.


The set comes in an organic cotton pouch, ideal for storing cufflinks.

The preparation and shipping costs are offered for the purchase of this set for delivery in Europe and Switzerland, for any other product, they are offered from 20€ purchase.

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