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Your custom laces

Lacets personnalisés Made in France Petit-détail.com

Petit détail is here to meet your desires for creativity and originality.

In order to make your event unique, I offer you the possibility of  creating your own “Made in France“ laces, in cotton, waxed or not, for leather shoes or sneakers, from 15 pairs.

You can play with the colour combinations of laces & tips to get unique laces in the colours of your event or business.

  • colours of laces:

brown, black, white, petrol blue, electric blue, turquoise, buttercup yellow, orange, fuchsia, light pink, red, green or to be discussed together according to your logo.

  • 3 types of tips:

transparent, coloured (silver, gold, blue, yellow, orange, fuchsia, red, green) or in silicone with your printed logo.

The prices are decreasing according to the quantities ordered and include tracked shipment and a label with your logo on each pair of laces.

Here are two examples: 

  • fine laces, waxed cotton, coloured tips, 75cm

from 15 to 29 pairs: 24,50€ /pair

from 30 to 49 pairs: 17,50€ /pair

from 50 to 99 pairs: 13,50€ /pair

from 100 pairs to 199 pairs: 6,40€ /pair

  • sneaker laces, unwaxed, coloured tips, 110cm

from 15 to 29 pairs: 24,90€ /pair

from 30 to 49 pairs: 17,90€ /pair

from 50 to 99 pairs: 13,90€ /pair

from 100 pairs to 199 pairs: 7,20€ /pair

Please let me know your personalised laces wishes (type of laces, length, colours of laces and tips) as well as the desired quantities by completing the form below.

I will study your request carefully and will come back to you as soon as possible.


founder of Petit détail