The origins of Petit détail l

The origins of Petit détail

The idea of Petit détail began around my wedding in 2017. My future husband was looking for quality laces, a bit original and with special colours. But he had trouble to find what he wanted, here, in Switzerland.

The idea then made its merry way, until the day I found a manufacturer based in the west of France, which can make two-toned laces with the tip of a different colour than the lace, in a wide range of colours. This company, which has specialised for over 50 years, offers high quality products. 

The made in France bicolor and plain laces that I offer, bring the "petit détail" (little detail) that makes all the difference!

They are perfect for bringing a touch of originality and elegance to a city outfit. They are suitable for both men and women and are the ideal accessory to coordinate your shoes with the colour of your socks, your tie or your bag. 

Sneaker laces allow you to pimp your favorite pair of sneakers and match them to your mood of the day! And they are suitable for adults as well as teens and pre-teens!

Petit détail laces are not only the final touch to your everyday outfit but they can also perfectly be a "sign of belonging" at a wedding, a bachelor/bachelorette party or a birthday.

A set with Petit détail made in France laces with matching cufflinks is also an original gift idea for any trendy man, from 30 to 60 years old.

Finally, I also offer you the possibility of creating your own laces in the colours of your company, for example, for a gift to your customers at the end of the year or to your collaborators during an event.

Quality is something important to me, Petit détail laces, in addition to having the guarantee of a French manufacture, are in waxed cotton for a better hold during lacing and over time or in high quality cotton for sneakers.

Solenn, founder of Petit détail