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White & Midnight Blue - organic cotton

  • $12.00

These certified organic cotton laces are perfect for personalising your sneakers.

Their coloured tips bring a touch of originality to your favorite shoes.

The length of these laces (120cm) is suitable for a large number of sneakers: Adidas Stan Smith, Converse, Nike Air Force 1, Puma Smash, Veja, Victoria... 


Made in France laces in GOTS certified organic cotton

Length of 120cm

Width of 8mm

Sold in pairs


Made in France ribbon in GOTS certified organic cotton

Sticker made completely of mineral and plant-based ingredients


We recommend washing them in a cold cycle (or 30°C max.), protected in a laundry bag so that they do not "disappear" inside the drum of your machine.


Preparation and shipping costs are offered from 20€ purchased for delivery in Europe or Switzerland.

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