The origins of Petit détail

Have you noticed how difficult it is for grooms to accessorise their outfit on the D-day?

This is what happened to the fiancé of Solenn, the founder of Petit détail, during their wedding. In addition to the classic bow tie and pocket handkerchief, her future husband wanted laces in the colours of their wedding, but he had great difficulty finding them.

This episode stayed in Solenn's mind and after she moved to Zurich, Switzerland, the idea continued to grow. Why not create a company that offers quality laces, made in France and original enough to make a difference on an outfit?

Solenn, from Brittany in France, found the perfect partner: a French manufacturer located near Nantes, who supplied well-known houses and could produce the designs she had in mind. Petit détail was born!

The first collections of waxed cotton laces were released in late 2018. The original idea of these waxed laces was to allow men and women working in formal environments to express their personality in a discreet way. Since then, collections for sneakers and in certified organic cotton have been added to the catalogue. Petit détail now offers more than 40 models to accessorise all shoes and suit all personalities.

Now it's your turn to adopt the little detail that makes the difference!


Solenn l Fondatrice Petit détail l Lacets Made in France qui font la différence

Solenn, founder of Petit détail