Comment bien choisir ses sneakers ?

How to choose your sneakers?

Sneakers, runners or trainers, whatever name you give them, it is now obvious that their playground extends to the whole city and to every styles.

Gone are the days when sneakers were confined to basketball courts or hip-hop fans. Nowadays, sneakers can be worn with everything and for any occasion, even during parties or at weddings (see our article on this topic Wedding with sneakers or classic).

Some pairs have simply become iconic. And if they have not (or not yet) visited your closet, you surely know them by name: Adidas Stan Smith & Gazelle, Nike Air Force 1 & Dunk, Reebok Club C 85 & Pump, Converse One Star & Chuck Taylor All Star…

The difficulty now is to choose your pair and Petit détail is there for you! We have selected 3 criteria to help you make your choice: the cut, the design and the material.


The cut

The key word in making your decision is comfort. As the French saying of the 80s goes, you must feel "comfortable in your sneakers", i.e. “in your element”.

  • The height of the rod

The advantage of high-top sneakers is the support of your ankle. These shoes were indeed originally developed to protect the ankles of basketball players during games. These days, it's more about style. Worn with jeans or chinos, with or without cuff, high trainers bring a casual style to your outfit.

Low-top sneakers are just as comfortable and are a must have to follow the bare ankle trend that has emerged in recent years. These sneakers allow you to adopt a very modern and even grunge look when worn with ripped jeans.

  • The shape of the shoe

It is essential that the shape of the shoe matches that of your foot. If you have thin feet, avoid sneakers that are too wide to avoid the "clown" effect. Likewise, shoes that are too narrow should be avoided to avoid many blisters.

Another important point is the size: always choose sneakers in your size. Your feet will thank you for it!


The design

In recent years, the sneaker departments have grown considerably. You now have the choice between a multitude of designs and colours to adopt according to your desires.

  • The type of sneakers

Sports sneakers and their flashy colours are now a staple of the streets and offices. But be careful to ban tracksuits to avoid a neglected look. Instead, opt for jeans or leggings for a trendy look.

White sneakers remain a safe bet. They can be combined with any outfit and you can easily accessorize them with coloured laces, for example, to suit your mood or the occasion. Discover without further delay the made in France collection of laces for sneakers by Petit détail.

  • The sole

You can also play with the colour and thickness of this element.

The safest is to choose a light colour: white, beige, grey… Black or patterned soles are more difficult to wear every day and do not always flatter the figure.

The choice of the thickness of the sole is also important. Indeed, if the thick or wedge soles can be the allies of small people in term of height or of large feet, for respectively making look bigger or smaller, they may especially "pack down" your silhouette and give rise to thoughts on your desire to grab a few centimetres. Conversely, your feet and back will thank you for avoiding too thin soles.


    The material

    • Canvas or leather?

    The great advantages of cotton canvas and mesh are their lightness and their airy and breathable features. These sneakers are therefore perfect for spring and summer.

    Leather, on the other hand, is more resistant, warmer and waterproof. Leather sneakers are therefore perfect for the cooler seasons. They will also generally last longer than canvas sneakers.

    • Maintenance of your sneakers

    Whatever the material of your sneakers, it is essential to take good care of them to make them last. Here is a link to some tips to help you: How to take care of your sneakers?


    Now it's up to you to find your favourite pair(s) of sneakers! Without forgetting the accessories!

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