Comment choisir son costume de mariage? l Petit-dé

How to choose your wedding suit?

For many, the wedding day is the most beautiful day of their life, so the outfit must be up to this event.

Whether you are the groom or a guest, the choice of suit and accessories is not always easy. We're here to help you in your quest for the perfect outfit: simple but smart, with original but discreet details.

The groom's suit

Choose your wedding suit l The groom's suit l Petit-dé

Before you start by going around all the shops, the important thing is to define the style of your wedding, the famous "wedding theme". Endless possibilities are available to you, here are some current trends: bohemian, chic, traditional, country or rock. Once the theme has been defined, you will be asked to choose the colours related to it. Once this "aesthetic line" has been defined, all you have to do is follow it when choosing your outfit.

Depending on the wedding style, you can adapt the material of your suit: in flannel for example for a classic and elegant style, in tweed or linen for a country wedding. You can then play with the cut: length of the jacket, of the pants, lapels, collar, etc. Above all, always keep in mind that the important thing is that you feel comfortable!

Another criterion that should not be overlooked is time. Indeed, it is unlikely that you will find your suit in the first shop you visit, especially since you will have to match it with the outfit of your beloved fiancée. It is therefore best to plan 6 months in advance to find your ideal suit.

And whether it's tailor-made or ready-to-wear, the suit has to be your size. It is therefore essential not to overdo the delicacies or the gym to avoid feeling all skimpy in your beautiful suit on the D-day.

As for colours, a blue or grey suit is a safe bet. The same goes for the white shirt. Note, however, that there are several shades of white. So you can see with your future wife for a fabric sample of her dress to match the colour of your shirt. You can then add small touches of colour to your outfit with accessories in line with your theme.


The groom's accessories

Choose your wedding suit l The groom's accessories l Petit-dé

Cufflinks are a discreet way to add personality to a suit, but be careful not to forget the theme of the wedding. You can play with the materials (metal, wood, silk), patterns (floral, geometric or plain) as well as their shape and colour. Here you will find plain silk cufflinks in the shape of barrels, knots or squares to match the colours of many themes. 

You can also add an original touch to your outfit by adopting laces in your wedding colours. You can choose to play the "overall look" with plain laces or in a more subtle way by adopting a touch of colour only on the tip of your black or brown laces. And if you are more sneakers than formal shoes, you can also accessorize them in the colours of your theme.

The bow tie is, for its part, very often associated with major events and in particular weddings. It is therefore very easy to "take the plunge" on your Big Day. While staying on the colours of your wedding, you can easily play with this accessory to recall the theme. Indeed, for a graphic or coloured theme, you can opt for a bowtie with geometric patterns, for a fancy or rustic theme, a floral pattern, or a plain bowtie for a classic and chic wedding. You can also play on the size and shape of the bowtie: classic, slim or dandy with a visible tip.

Finally, the pocket square is often a must-have for weddings. But since the key to this day is that you are comfortable, the decision is up to you! If you choose to wear one, no need to worry about folding, a simple flat fold, revealing a coloured rectangle at the top of the chest pocket, gives a very modern look to this classic accessory. You can also play with the materials and, depending on your theme, choose a linen one for a more casual style.


The "rules" for the best man

Choose your wedding suit l The best man l Petit-dé

Here are the 2 essential rules to follow to be a good best man, at least from a dress point of view.

The main rule is not to "steal" the groom's suit. Your role is indeed to support him during this beautiful day, but not to confuse you with him! It is therefore essential that you speak directly with the groom to know his outfit.

The second rule is to conform to the chosen theme to be identifiable by the other guests while being discreet. You can add accessories to your outfit that will recall those of the groom while having a different shape or finish, like for example, Knots cufflinks for you and Barrels for the groom, laces with coloured tips for you and plain for the groom, a different bow tie shape, etc.


Guests accessories

Choose your wedding suit l Guests l Petit-dé

As a guest, choosing your suit is made much easier. It is however good to follow the indications given by the bride and groom about the theme of the day. We can thus recall the colours of the wedding by accessorizing ones costume with socks, plain or not according to the theme, cufflinks, a bow tie or a tie, and of course laces!


The little extra: an original guest gift

In addition to about thirty models, we offer you a customisation service. You can create the laces of your day and offer a unique gift to your guests, in the colours of your day, in memory of these wonderful moments.


Wishing you a very beautiful wedding!

Choose your wedding suit l The groom's suit l Petit-dé


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