Mariage "baskets" ou "classique", Petit détail a ce qu'il vous faut

Wedding with sneakers or classic, Petit détail has what you need

For the bride and groom, their loved ones and guests, Petit détail offers accessories in harmony with the colour chosen for D-Day.

For modern and relaxed brides

Mariage baskets l Lacets made in France l Petit détail

What could be more pleasant than spending yourj wedding day, when you are very often standing, going in all directionsand dancing, in your favourite sneakers?

Gone are the days when the bride was forced to wear white stilettos. Brides are now free to put on the shoes they wish. Especially since sneakers are THE trendy shoes you see everywhere. So why go without them during YOUR day?

Petit détail brings you the "little extra": white laces for sneakers, made in France, with the tip matching the colour of your wedding!

The white dress of the bride can thus be brightened with small touches of colour, not only in her bouquet, but also in a discreet and modern way on her sneakers.


For modern and elegant grooms

Mariage baskets l Lacets made in France l Petit détail

Like these ladies, the grooms spend a large part of D-Day walking around to greet all the guests. And just like them, they want to have fun and wear shoes that look like them: sneakers.

Petit détail, in addition to white laces for sneakers, made in France, with coloured tips, offers the grooms the possibility of matching their sneaker laces with barrel-shaped cufflinks. The combinaison of these two accessories brings a touch of elegance and modernity.


For chic and trendy grooms

Mariage classique l couleur thème l Lacets made in France l Petit détail

The big day is often synonymous with sobriety in the groom's suit. But nothing prevents him from bringing pep and personality to his outfit with accessories matching, the chromatic theme of the wedding!

The colours can be clear and direct with the waxed cotton laces of the Full coloured collection. The bright colours in our catalog perfectly match the joy of such an event.

The colour detail can be more discreet and subtle withe the 2 collections of waxed cotton laces The Petit détail Brown and The Petit détail Black,

with coloured tips.

Each groom, according to his personality and his desires, will find his happiness among our 25 models of made in France waxed cotton laces.

All Petit détail laces can be matched with a pair of silk cufflinks,

in barrel, knot or square shape.

These accessories bring a touch of discreet modernity while not breaking with the classic codes dear to most on this particular day.


For relatives and guests

The Petit détail accessories can also be a distinctive sign for the relatives of the bride and groom: parents, brothers and sisters, witnesses. The laces in the colours of the wedding can thus make it possible to recognize the "close guard" among all the guests. The grooms, on the other hand, can differentiate themselves by a particular model of laces or a shape of cufflinks specific to them.

Petit détail laces can also be a common accesories at a colour themed wedding ; the groom, and possibly the relatives, distinguishing themselves with a particular model of laces, for example, with coloured tips while the rest of the wedding is with plain laces, or else, with extra matching cufflinks. 


Custom laces

Petit détail also offers a customisation service. The bride and groom can choose between 12 colors of laces, 9 colors of tips and 3 styles of laces, for leather shoes or sneakers, and can create the laces of their day.

The newlyweds can thus offer a unique and original guest gift, in the colours of the D-Day, and which will be a nice memory once the party is over.

Each specific request is subject to a study and a quote before production.


Wishing you a wonderful wedding!


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