Changez vos lacets en pleine conscience

Change your shoelaces with full mindfulness

Nowadays, it is often difficult to find moments during which we can focus on the present moment.

We suggest you use the 3-4 minutes during which you change your laces to match your outfit for the next day to make it a moment of mindful meditation.

The important thing is to connect to your feelings.

The first step, after choosing your outfit for the next day and matching laces, is to quietly install yourself to change your laces. It can be in your hallway, your bedroom or living room, on a chair, a bed or on the floor. The important thing is that you are comfortable. Sit upright, the top of your skull as if drawn to the ceiling, to stretch your spine. Release your shoulders.

Breathe now calmly and become aware of your feelings: the softness of the sofa or the bed, or on the contrary, the hardness of the floor or your chair, the temperature of the room, the noises around you without however paying too much attention to it, the tension in your body to try to relax these areas.

Take the first shoe. Get ready to remove the first lace by inhaling through the nose. Exhale through the nose each time the lace comes out of the eyelet. You can use this moment to "eject" negative thoughts or memories from your mind, but do not cling to them, letting them fly. Follow the quiet rhythm of your breathing.

Do the same with the second shoe. Take your time and relax your shoulders and the tensions of your body.

Now, take again the first shoe and one of the laces for the next day. Inhale as the lace enters an eyelet and exhale as it exits. Concentrate on your feelings. The air that fills your lungs in and comes out, the flexibility of the leather of your shoe, the stiffness of the sole, the slight resistance and the sound of the lace when passing through the eyelet, the texture of the lace and that of its tip .

Do the same with the second shoe and the second lace. Stay focused on your feelings and take great inhalings.

Once both laces are in place. Put your shoes in front of you and take one last breath and exhale slowly.

Your shoes are now ready for the next day and on your side, you have peace of mind and can enjoy your evening.



You can extend these daily moments of meditation every week by about ten minutes when polishing your shoes.

You can then do the same by settling quietly, breathing peacefully through the nose and becoming aware of all the physical sensations you feel then: the warmth of the wood of the brush, the coolness of the metal of the polish box, the textures of the leather and the polish, the softness of the cloth.

You can find the 6 essential steps to take care of your shoes in our article "The importance of polishing your shoes".

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