Vos lacets 100% Made in France

Your 100% Made in France laces

A few days ago, we visited our partner, located in the west of France, specialised in braiding and weaving shoelaces, cords, ribbons and lace. We brought back some ideas for the next collections and especially videos to present you where your Petit détail shoelaces come from.

A 100% made in France know-how

Our partner is located since the late 1960s in the heart of the Cholet basin, a region historically related to the French textile and footwear production.

One of the values ​​of this company is to preserve the French industrial heritage. It is committed to perpetuate rare know-how. In 2016, they acquired the latest mechanical bobbin looms in France and trained teams with this unique know-how thanks to the "senior" of lace production. Here is a short film showing one of these machines at work:

The know-how of our partner has been recognized by the awarding of the label "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" ("Company of the Living Heritage") in 2012. This label values ​​craftsmanship and industrial excellence.

They also acquired in 2013 more than 1,000 wooden weaving looms dating mostly from 1800 and 1900. These looms are used to make fine and delicate weavings, as you can see here:

A tailor-made production

All Petit détail laces are specially made for our catalogue.

To create the 4 collections of Petit détail laces, we have selected for you the materials, colours and finishes (colour tips, polish, lengths ...) of each of our laces. We wish to offer you unique products so that you can finalise your look.

We care about offering you original and quality products. We are thus committed to maintaining the production of all Petit détail laces in France.

Tips & tricks by Petit détail

To help you quickly put on laces on your leather shoes, we present our "triangle technique".

And to meditate while waxing your shoes or changing your laces, we invite you to read our tip "Change your laces with full mindfulness".

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Nouvelle commande chez « Petit détail «  pour l’ anniversaire d’un …fou de chaussures à lacets et de boutons de manchette ! Des nouveaux coloris trop top et toujours cette qualité parfaite !
A essayer sans modération , vous ne serez pas déçus !
Bien à vous ….
Martine P.

Martine Prechoux

Merci pour ces vidéos qui montrent d’où viennent vos lacets, et qui atteste de la qualité de vos produits ! C’est très intéressant et réjouissant de voir que la France sait conserver ces précieux savoir-faire. Vive le Made In France :)


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